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Tim Cummins

President, World CC; Professor, Leeds University School of Law

United kingdom


My goal is to improve the quality and integrity of global trading relationships: It is achieved by providing business and government with the inspiration, confidence and know-how to think and act differently. In 2019, I was honoured to be selected as the winner of the Financial Times Innovative Business Award and in 2020 -as a Professor in the Law School at the University of Leeds – to start teaching modules on Commercial Management and Contracting.

I believe that commercial innovation is fundamental to human creativity and the development of sustainable trading relationships. My experience has shown me that academia and business do not invest sufficiently in creating the necessary skills or structure for commercial competence to flourish. In 1999 I established a non-profit Association – IACCM – with the mission to inspire change. And it is working!

Trade lies at the foundation of human prosperity and progress. Through enhanced commercial policies and practices, we achieve greater integrity and success in our trading relationships. These are supported by new forms of contract, designed to achieve economic benefit. IACCM (in 2020 renamed World Commerce and Contracting) lies at the heart of a growing movement, providing research, ideas and practical insights to those with the courage to think and act differently.

My career included successful growth in corporate banking, automotive, aerospace and technology industries, plus leadership of start-ups. Today, I travel the world, meeting and speaking with major corporations, government officials, politicians, NGOs, academics and entrepreneurs, spreading belief that we can do things better. My words are backed by the strength of research and practical examples of the benefit that comes from enabling commercial innovation.

Specialties: Public speaking. Creative, entrepreneur, research and analysis of complex organization / business opportunities. Funtional and organizational design, global business development, negotiation and management of complex contracts, international business, marketing, collaboration and networking – creating opportunities for others